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Monday, August 24, 2009

Our Baby is BORN!

Hunter Frank Broadhead was born on August 5, 2009 at 2:51am. He was 8lbs. 4oz. and 20" long.
20 hours of labor and over 2 hours of pushing. We went in on Tuesday morning to get induced...but the induction took a lot longer than I thought it would because I was already in labor, so I think they went about it a little differently. But all went well and Hunter came out happy and healthy.

First eye open:

Snug as a bug:

More stories, info, and pictures to come later!


Monson Family said...

WooHoo! A post...FINALLY!! :) He is absolutely precious! I miss him and want to cuddle him so badly! Especially when I see all these cute little pictures of him! Where's the action shot of all of us!?! ;) We love you guys!

Becks said...

Congratulations, he is a beautiful baby! you two will be perfect parents.
I'm so happy for you guys!

David Stewart said...

So neat to see the pictures of just after the birth. So glad all your sisters & mom could be there with you.


Gramma Stewie said...

Warm, WARM memories: It was a moment I will ALWAYS CHERISH! Thanks for letting us girls be a part of Hunter's arrival into this world!!!! We value that experience! Hunter is sooooo ADORABLE! I love to snuggle with him in my arms.

We had a GREAT weekend for his blessing, with so much family around! Hunter is so beautiful! We love him and you guys. See you in LA this weekend.

amber lee said...

congrats so much you guys! he's such a stud! i've been waiting for you to put this post up ever since i heard you had him. :) i love the picture of his little foot, and the picture of craig looking so proud. what an awesome thing. good luck with everything and get some sleep! :)

Tricia said...

I just want to snuggle him in the first and last pictures! What a day his birth was. I will never forget being a part of his sweet birth day. Thanks for having such a beautiful baby for us to love!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness he is SO precious!!!
Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pictures and read up on all the fun parenthood brings!
Love you...

Chrissie said...

Congratulations! Get a load of that thick hair!

Moose and Family said...

He is SO cute!! Can't wait to see more pictures. Congratulations from the Serr Family!!

ammyers0604 said...

He is ADORABLE!! CONGRATS from us both!!! Glad all went well and you are both well and healthy! Love the pics...he is the cutest!!

Jeff and Emily said...

Oh my heck you guys-- Hunter is SO cute! We couldn't be happier for you. You make the cutest little family! Big time CONGRATS!!!!

Tara said...

HORRAY! Glad to see you finally did a post...the last one was JUNE? j/k
So excited for you guys to have this sweet little guy. He's adorable!
And THANKS for letting us witness his was amazing to be able to be there for that. (And seriously, how do people do it with less "helpers"?)
Welcome sweet Hunter!!! We love you.

harada57 said...

Hunter is so beautiful! We love him and you guys. See