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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scentsy Pouch Party

Introducing a SIMPLE way to PARTY Scentsy style...the POUCH PARTY!

So I have been a Scentsy Consultant for a little over a year now and something that I have run into over and over again is customers being TAKEN BACK when I say "there are over 80 scents to choose from." So many people feel overwhelmed with the amount of choices and I TOTALLY understand...your nose starts to get tired after smelling 1/2 of them. So, the POUCH PARTY is the ANSWER to this problems.

What is a Pouch Party you ask? It is very similar to our Basket Party BUT with only 20 scent testers instead of all 80 scents. Each Pouch Party has a few testers from each scent category so each customer can still find something that they like.

Pouch Party Contents are all inside 1 Money Bag. Contents include:
  • 20 Mini-Testers
  • 5 Catalogs
  • 10 Order Forms
  • 1 Pen
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

    What I love about the Pouch Party is it is small enough to keep in your purse and carry it where ever you go so you can collect orders from EVERYONE! As a Scentsy Consultant I carry a Pouch Party in my purse at ALL TIMES and it has really come in handy.

    If you would LOVE some FREE and 1/2 Price Scentsy but are always on the GO the Pouch Party is a PERFECT FIT! Carry it around to work, play group, even the grocery store...and collect orders and watch your Host Rewards add up.

    I have 7 Pouch Parties READY TO GO! Contact me NOW to book your Pouch Party. (I can ship them ANYWHERE in the USA or Canada).

    Remember if you HURRY HURRY HURRY and do your Pouch Party in August the entire catalog is 10% OFF...its a nice way to give all your friends a discount...and everyone likes a discount!!!

    Tuesday, July 17, 2012

    Summer Fun List

    About a Month ago for Family Night with the Monson's we created a SUMMER FUN LIST! We wrote down a BUNCH of things we want to do this summer. We've tackled a quite a few already. I relized today that we should take pictures each time we do these things and then at the end of the summer we could make a little book with our SUMMER FUN! So here is our list: (Note: Green cost money, Blue is FREE)
    • Beach Day   
    • Lagoon   
    • Park   
    • Glow in the Dark Bubbles   
    • Ice Painting   
    • Swimming   
    • ScienCENTER LA  
    • Paddle Boats on the Lake   
    • Arcade    
    • OC Great Park Balloon  
    • Cars land   
    • Hollywood Bowl
    • Library     
    • Heritage Park Splash Pad   
    • Build a Fort   
    • Nature Walk
    • Take an  "Alphabet tour”   
    • Make ice cream   
    • Go to Concert on the Lake   
    • Disneyland    
    • Have a “dress up” dinner   
    • Go fishing  
    • Go Bowling  
    • Cars race
    • Surprise Ice Cream night
    • Do a Toy Swap
    • Play Kickball    
    • Make a 3 foot Sand Castle   
    • Miniature Golf
    • Water Balloon Fight
    • Carwash
    • Lemonade stand
    • Archery
    • Airsoft Range
    • Lagoon
    • Fireworks
    • Fair
    • Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest
    • S’mores
    • Movie in the Park
    • Sleep over
    • Concert
    • Make popsicles
    • Baseball Game
    • Make cookies for others
    • Hike
    • Make Ice Cream
    • Pillow Fight
    • Paint Toe Nails
    • Make Jam
    • Go to Museum
    • Fly a Kite
    • Pretend City
    • Zoo
    • Go to LA
    • Finger Paint with Pudding
    • Make Friendship Bracelets
    • Scavenger Hunt
    • Farmers Market
    • Factory Tour
    • Carousel
    • Make something out of Duct Tape
    • Surprise G’ma and G’pa Stewie

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Life List

    So my friend Martha inspired me to write a "Life List" it is the same thing as a bucket list, just 100 things that I want to do in my LIFE. So far I have 62 things written down and I'm coming up with new things everyday. (I have my list displayed on the left side bar to show my progress)

    When I started I told Craig about it and he is writing a list too...and then we have one combined list of things to do together. Craig had a GREAT idea that every birthday we should cross of at least one item off our list. I am so excited to do that now to pick what we will do for my birthday coming up in September...hmmm.

    I want to encourage anyone else out there to create a Life List because it really helps center you on your goals and ambitions...and what you TRULY wish to accomplish in this short life we have.

    Tuesday, June 1, 2010


    The month of May has been FULL of FUN TIMES! We started the month with a BLOCK PARTY. It was a GREAT way to get to know our neighbors. Then Hunter and I took a two week Mommy and Me SWIM LESSON class. It was so much fun, and one of my friends and her son were in the class too. Hunter really enjoys the water and is an AWESOME kicker.
    I had my first OFFICIAL Mothers Day which was amazing, we had our friends Josh and Melody (friends from college) were visiting and Craig and Josh made strawberry pancakes for breakfast. Then at church 2nd and 3rd hour all the women got to meet together and we had lunch, chatted, and had a spiritual message. It was so fun! After church we went down to the beach ... it was a great day.
    I had my first Scentsy party, which was so fun (check me out at
    Craig and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the 13th! Aunt Donna was coming out for the weekend and flew in on our anniversary so she was nice enough to watch Hunter while Craig and I went to Dave and Buster's for dinner and FUN games.
    We then had a SUPER FUN time with Donna. We went shopping, got pedicures, went to the park/lake, and went out to was just so much fun hanging out with her.
    Hunter got his first BUZZ CUT. We just did it at home with our clippers. I was sad...but it looks good and is even now.
    We have had LOTS of fun times with our new friends here in Irvine. We have had friends over for dinner, gone to the Lagoon, watched the Lakers game, gone to the beach, and just hung out. We love it is DEFINITELY home!!!
    Craig and I took Hunter to his FIRST Baseball game...he did good the whole time. He cheered, watched the players, and the jumbo screen, he even like the fireworks afterwards.
    Craig and I went with Josh and Melody to go see The Lion King...and it was AMAZING...LOVED it.
    It has DEFINITELY been a GREAT month.

    Monday, January 18, 2010


    So we have MOVED and we are now snuggled up in our home enjoying the rain. We moved to our new house on Friday....well actually we drove here late Thursday night and slept on small mattresses and unloaded the refrigerator from the truck at 130 in the MORNING! Then we had some people from the Elders Quorum coming around 5pm on Friday so durring the day we got some smaller things accomplished. Then when the Elders came the 26' moving truck was quickly unloaded and everything was inside our house. Luckily I planned ahead and had the rooms labeled so I was able to direct traffic and get all the boxes in the right rooms. Saturday morning before we had to return the moving truck we went to Costco to pick up some needed furniture. We bought a new Cal-King bed for us (it is our Christmas present to ourselves), a new entertainment center for our TV and a new couch for our back living room (aka projector room).

    Then right when Craig and Brent were on their way to drop off the moving truck my parents arrived to help us unpack our home. So FIRST things FIRST I gave them the royal tour of the house, and then off to work! AMAZINGLY with the help of my parents, Brent, Craig and myself we were able to get basically the ENTIRE house unpacked and put together!!! We even got all our family pictures up on the just 2 short days). Honestly the only thing left to unpack is 3 boxes of books, a box in the office, and our DVDs (which don't have a new home yet so they will stay in the bin anyway). There are still some things that need to be organized a little better but everything is put away already...I cannot even believe it.

    Thank you so much Mom and Dad for coming to help unpack and entertain Hunter. It was definitely a successful weekend.

    I will take some pictures and post them today.

    Monday, September 7, 2009

    Hunter's Life Book

    So I have been keeping a little journal each day of Hunter's is kind of a note from me to him about what he did that day. They are short and sweet but it is a nice way to document his life. Since I have been writing these I decided that I could put them on a blog and anyone who is interested in what Hunter has been up to. That way I don't have to feel too bad if I do not get posts on our blog each week because I will have this updated...including at least one picture each day...since I take a million a day!

    So if you are interested it is

    Note: I have all of the post scheduled to post in the next few days...I am still adding photo's to them so if you check this week they may not all have photo's but check back later and I will get to it as I can.

    Monday, August 24, 2009

    Our Baby is BORN!

    Hunter Frank Broadhead was born on August 5, 2009 at 2:51am. He was 8lbs. 4oz. and 20" long.
    20 hours of labor and over 2 hours of pushing. We went in on Tuesday morning to get induced...but the induction took a lot longer than I thought it would because I was already in labor, so I think they went about it a little differently. But all went well and Hunter came out happy and healthy.

    First eye open:

    Snug as a bug:

    More stories, info, and pictures to come later!